“Nobody likes me”

Nobody likes me
Nobody like me

Whenever you meet a person who is suffering from depression or anxiety, you will hear him saying, “nobody likes me; everybody hates me.” This is probably the most heard statement ever. When you hear a person saying, “nobody likes me,” it may carry a list of bad events and mishaps that make him say so. We should never judge a person by his mere statement. Instead, we should sit by his side and listen to what he has to say, and he has to tell you. “Nobody likes me” seems an over-exaggerated statement, but the person suffering from this situation knows what it feels like to be all alone in the crowd just because of the feeling “nobody likes me, everyone hates me.”

Nobody likes me everybody hates me, Eminem:

Eminem is a name; nobody is unaware of. Eminem is a heartthrob of many people. Eminem has a flashing record in the singing history. He also has contributed to the betterment of people who are suffering from anxiety and depression. In 2017, Eminem launched his music album in which he released his song named “offended.” Although this song received much criticism yet, this song has a big lesson to tell you.

Reviews about the song:

Offended by Eminem

It seems like the heart-felt feelings of a depressed person. He speaks his heart out. Every word of its lyrics hits the heart. The people who have listened enjoyed it to the fullest. Criticism is a definite thing, but many people liked his album of Eminem, and they say that this song is worth listening to. If you have not listened to anybody who enjoys my music yet, you should get a chance to listen to it, and you will admire the work of this great singer to hold the back of depressed people. You will surely enjoy the song, and you would feel that this was the best effort to console the people who are suffering from depression and anxiety.

Nobody likes me lyrics:

Nobody likes me lyrics
Nobody likes me lyrics

When we try to explore the essence of nobody likes me lyrics, we will come to know the depths of the words that Eminem has used to express a depressed person’s feelings. In his song Eminem says:

Cause nobody likes me, everybody hates me.
They want me to go eat some worms.
I hope you offended
And drag my name through the mud, through the dirt.
But I’ma make you eat your words.


In this stanza, everyone can feel the message that a depressed person wants to deliver to the people who don’t understand a depressed person’s feelings. He says that people don’t like me and they hate me. That’s why the people want me to do something that can harm me, and they suggest me the wrong and harmful ideas that can ruin my life. He personified bad ideas with the phrase “eat some worms.” Furthermore, at the end of this stanza, he says that he would do the things that can save his life, and the people would have t eat their harsh words back. It means that the poet is determined for a happy life.


If you are a person who thinks “nobody likes me.” Then you should sum up your energies to fight back, this thought that bothers you the most. Do the things that make you happy. Keep one thing in mind that you love yourself, which is enough for you to live a happy life. If nobody likes you, it’s ok. It’s not a big deal. Chin up, get courage, and move on! That’s only what you have to do to get a happier life back.