Home remedies for cough during pregnancy

Home remedies for cough during pregnancy
Home remedies for cough during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a great blessing from God and of course, giving birth to a new individual is not a piece of cake. A mother-to-be has to face many difficulties in the whole pregnancy journey. With so many new beautiful experiences, pregnancy brings lots of trouble, and one of them is cough! We knew that most of the girls expecting babies for the first time must be looking for safe home remedies for cough during pregnancy. That’s why we brought here a list of home remedies for cough during pregnancy.

Some best Home remedies for cough during pregnancy:

Some best Home remedies for cough during pregnancy
Some best Home remedies for cough during pregnancy

We know that new mothers-to-be don’t exactly know how to deal with such an issue. Although cough is not a big deal during pregnancy, you have to take enough care of yourself so that this minor cough can’t affect your little one. These simple home remedies will make your new motherhood journey even more beautiful! With no further ado, let’s get into it and learn new safe home remedies for cough during pregnancy!

Cure with menthol:

If you expect a baby in cold weather like November to January, you are more likely to catch a cold because the weather is cold in these seasons, and it can affect you. To avoid coughing, you can try rubbing menthol on your chest, on your temples, and under the nose. It will help you cure your cough and flu also. So, if you want to avoid any allopathic medication, you can try this remedy, and you will indeed watch the results!

Cough suppressant and expectorant:

If you want to try some light medications during pregnancy to treat cough, you can use Cough suppressant at night before sleeping and expectorant in the daytime. It will also show significant results in curing your cough.

Use raw garlic:

I know that you must be thinking what a lousy taste remedy is, but trust me, it does wonders! If you want to treat your cough without any medication, you should use raw garlic once a day. I know it will not be good in taste; you will surely see results in less time. Garlic has antioxidant properties and can also be one of the best antibacterial, antiviral, and antibiotic home remedies for cough during pregnancy.

Use honey:

honey bee: use honey as the best home remedy for cough during pregnancy
Use honey in pregnancy to cure cough

Let me give you a sweet alternative to garlic if you want to cure cough with safe home remedies for cough during pregnancy. So, honey is the best replacement for garlic if you are intolerant to bad taste. We all know that honey is considered the best cough treatment since long ago. It is universally acknowledged to be the best cough reduction remedy. It not only treats cough during pregnancy, but it will also boost up the mother’s immune system and even cure a sore throat. So, if you want to avoid harsh medications just because you don’t want to try medicines, you must give honey a shot, and I can promise you the best results!

Drink enough water:

A pregnant woman drinking water as a home remedy for cough during pregnancy
Drink plenty of water

A significant reason for coughing during pregnancy can be a deficiency of water in the mother’s body. To avoid this reason, you must drink plenty of water so that you can stay hydrated and don’t have to fake cough. Make a routine to drink a minimum of 8 glasses or a maximum of 8 liters of water. It will not only help you prevent cough, but it will also save you from many hidden diseases that can cause due to water deficiency. More water means more urination, and as a result, more toxins will be removed from your body, and you and your baby will be saved from several diseases.


Another the easiest and safe home remedy for cough during pregnancy is to gargle with salty water. It helps in soothing sore throat, and you feel relieved instantly. For this home remedy, you should take a glass of water, add some water to it, and heat in on flame until it’s lukewarm. Then gargle with this salty water. Do this twice a day, and you will see the results in a short time.

When should you go to the doctor?

A doctor checking up a pregnant lady
Visit your doctor for regular check up

It is a good thing that you prefer safe home remedies for cough during pregnancy, but you have to keep one thing in mind that it is not always recommended to use remedies even when you don’t see any significant results. Pregnancy is a sensitive phase in every girl’s life, so you must not take it for granted. There are some points when you must visit a doctor if your cough is not getting cured with home remedies. You must seek professional advice so that you can avoid any nasty effects on your and your baby’s health. The following are some conditions in which you must not wait even a little longer. Consult your doctor immediately so that you can treat your cough in a more effective way under your doctor’s supervision.

Persistent cough:

Keep one thing in mind that home remedies for cough during pregnancy may take a week to cure your cough. And in this whole time, you will see significant results. Remember, if you don’t see any results in one week, it means that you must consult your doctor as soon as possible. Quit using the remedy and visit your doctor to get a thorough observation.

Coughing up blood:

The second most important sign when you must not take it easy anymore is when you see blood on your napkin. Coughing up blood is the red flag that will warn you about something worse. So, before it happens to you, immediately visit your doctor, tell your doctor about your condition and follow his instructions.

Difficulty in breathing:

Another most important thing that you have to keep in mind while trying home remedies is that when you start feeling any shortening of breathing or difficulty breathing during pregnancy, it is time to contact your doctor and ask for a professional recommendation. Difficulty in breathing may lead to asthma or lung damage in your baby. And if you want to avoid it, you must visit your doctor as soon as possible.


woman on stretcher: Try Home remedies for cough during pregnancy
Visit doctor when you feel fever

If you observe that your temperature is rising every day and there are no positive results of remedies you are trying, remember that you don’t have even a second to waste on thinking whether you should visit a doctor. Leave everything behind, quite every home remedy, and consult your doctor immediately.

Last words:

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, but also very sensitive! A little negligence can lead to an immense loss. So, be more than conscious about every minor detail about you. Notice the changes in your body, and don’t be hesitant to share them with your partner and your doctor as well. Safe home remedies are the best way to cure casual issues like cough and flu. But ignoring and taking them for granted can also lead to something troublesome. Coughing doesn’t make your baby uncomfortable. But when the coughing is repetitive, it can make you uncomfortable by causing pain in your abdominal muscles. To avoid such awkward situations, you must treat cough as soon as possible so that you can enjoy every moment of pregnancy to the fullest!

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